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10 Amazing Christmas Light Ideas to Bring in the Holidays

Amazing incandescent and LED Christmas lights

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The days are getting darker sooner, which means it's time to put up the Christmas lights.

For some people, the day they throw out their Halloween pumpkins is the day they look for their LED Christmas lights.

This year, try doing something different.

You want something that will show off your Christmas spirit and your creativity. And you want to do it without hating the entire process.

We are your Christmas light sherpas. So let us show you a few popular designs and ideas that will give you the coolest house on the block this Christmas season.

1. Replace Absolutely All of Your Lights With LED Christmas Lights

We just need to say this one right off the start. We can't imagine why anybody wouldn't be using LED Christmas lights these days, but if you're one of the few, it's time to make the change.

LED Christmas lights are way more energy efficient, which means you're not going to get a huge Hydro bill along with your Christmas shopping Visa bill this year.

They also last much longer than the old-school lightbulbs. That basically means you can put up the same string, year after year, without worrying about a single one being out.

They're also more durable and less likely to break when you're putting them away, installing them, or taking them out of storage. Trust us when we say there is absolutely no going back once you have tried LED Christmas lights.

2. Add Inflatables to Complement Your LED Christmas Lights

You've seen these, and you probably love these. This year kick things up a notch by adding supersized inflatable Christmas lights statues or sculptures.

These are basically instant Christmas. You can get any of the Christmas classics like Santa, Santa with his reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, or even contemporary cartoon characters like Yoda or even The Minions.

The kids will absolutely love them, and you get to pretend that you did it for them.

3. Time Things Perfectly

Let me paint a pretty familiar scenario to you: It's 10:45 at night, you just finished watching something on Netflix. And you're debating whether or not you should call it a night, or watch something else and just be a little bit tired at work tomorrow.

This is not the time you want to go outside in the cold and unplug your Christmas lights.

If you still haven't put your Christmas lights on a timer, you're putting yourself through entirely too much. And you're making too many late night trips outside.

Trust us, the very small price of a timer pays for itself immediately with convenience and time spent warm.

4. Upgrade From String to Rope

Maybe you want something a little bit more heavy duty this year. If you're tired of LED Christmas lights on strings, you can switch to the lights inside of a tube or rope.

These are great. They give you a different look, and they are more durable than the traditional strings of LED Christmas lights. They can be easily strung up along beans, or around your posts.

5. Nothing But Net

How about this year, we save you the trouble of decorating and lighting every branch on a decent size tree in your yard. This year, throw a net over over the entire tree and you're done.

They look amazing and go up in a heartbeat. All of the decor, none of the fuss.

6. Walkway in a Winter Wonderland

Don't forget your driveway or even walkway. These are primed and ready to be lit. You can light them up with string lights, rope lights, or individually lit candy canes.

These are particularly popular among people who plan on entertaining a lot over the holidays or plan on hosting a Christmas or New Year's party. They want there guests to get knocked over with Christmas spirit before they even enter the house.

7. Try the Christmas Curtain

We feel like this one is underutilized now, and may catch on. Soon, you will see more of them and people's neighborhoods.

Try the Christmas curtain and be the first one in the neighborhood to get this cascading light luck. It's very cool and not many other people are doing it.

8. Christmas Projections

You may have seen this done for Halloween, but maybe not realized how cool it would be for Christmas.

You can use projector technology to throw holiday images up on the wall, or on your window. This is some next level-stuff that, like the curtain, not a lot of people are doing yet.

There are some really cool things that you can project, from a beautiful snowflake effect to glimmering stars. These will definitely make people slow down and take in the show when they drive past your house.

9. Sync Your Lights to Music

You have probably seen these viral videos. But you might not know how achievable this is for the everyday person. Some pretty simple tech will synchronize your lights to the holiday song of your choice or rock classics like or Bohemian Rhapsody.

This is definitely not for somebody who's looking for a minimalist or understated look on their home.

10. Let Us Do the Work for You

The real game-changing decision you could make for your LED Christmas lights this year is to let us install them, while you stay warm and relaxed.

We know how to make your house look amazing. We also know how to follow specific building and fire codes, to make sure everything goes up as safely as possible.

We Are Your LED Christmas Lights Experts

Santa has his helpers and you have us! We're here to give you the best lights on the block, quickly, safely and easily.

There's no need to sacrifice your weekend to put your lights up. So relax, put your feet up, and click here to contact us anytime.

Texas Fireman Christmas Lighting is your local, professional Christmas light installation company owned and operated by off duty firemen from the community.

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